Windshield Tempered Glass

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Windshield tempered glass

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Around the mid-1920s, Henry Ford suffered a minor injury from a piece of windshield, which led him to invent the laminated safety glass.

Thanks to the expanding plastics industry, ford suddenly came up with the idea of sandwiching two pieces of glass, separated by a layer of PVC plastic.

The technology is still in use today.

The idea fits well with windshield requirements, because a layer of plastic prevents the broken glass from falling on people like a shower.

Another benefit is that this layer of plastic allows the windshield to absorb energy and absorb shock, which helps protect passengers in case of an accident.


The use of windshield tempered glass

1.Construction areas: balcony doors and windows, sightseeing elevator peripheral wall, block awning, shed light, etc.; the building which has high requirements for security, can be made by functional laminated glass  bulletproof glass, security glass, fire glass, such as banking, treasury, museum, galleries, jewelry shops cabinet, showcase and display cases, etc.; 

2.Application in the building which required light control, energy-saving, noise reduction, such as: coated laminated glass, laminated endothermic glass, Anti UV laminated glass.




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