Shatter Proof Glass

Shatter proof glass Product Description Shatter proof glass is mean as Break-proof glass and is also called wired glass. It is made by pressing preheated wire or wire mesh into the glass when ordinary plate glass is heated to a state of red-hot softening. Its features are superior fire...

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Shatter proof glass

Product Description

Shatter Proof Glass is a kind of glass that can not be broken by violent vibration or impact.

Including wire glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and so on.

Doors and Windows for cars, airplanes, and special buildings

Its features are superior fire resistance, can block the flame, high temperature combustion does not crack, when broken will not cause debris injury. There is also anti-theft, glass cutting and wire fence. Mainly used for roof skylight, balcony window.


Break-proof safety glass is usually used in important facilities, such as bank doors, valuables display cases, prisons, and correctional facilities.These areas are likely to be attacked by gangs armed with a variety of weapons.And high-strength safety glass can resist penetration for a period of time, which wins enough time for other devices to react.Some of the world's most famous artifacts, such as the Mona Lisa and the declaration of independence, are protected with safe glass.



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