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Laminated tempered glass

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Laminated tempered glass is one of tempered glass. It is one of the most safety glass that holds together when shattered. SGP and PVB toughened laminated glass, which helps create lighter, the SGP and PVB interlayer makes the glass much stronger hence protects them against storms, impacts and powerful blasts.

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Laminated glass compared with tempered toughened glass:

1. More safety: when the glass was broken, laminated glass still stand and not fall down, but tempered glass will down. That’s why that tempered glass is not good used for high-rise building, but laminated glass available. Tempered glass is more prefer used near the floor.

2. Higher price: the price of laminated glass is much higher than tempered glass at the same thickness. Due to laminated glass have several layers of materials, and extra SGP or PVB film cost.

3. Laminated glass and tempered glass, both of them are widely used for window, door, balustrade, roof, skylight, partition wall, table top, etc.

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Except for double panel Laminated glass, you also can get triple laminated glass or four panel laminated glass, any customized multi-layer panels laminated glass from our factory.

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