Laminated Tempered Glass

Laminated tempered glass Product Description Laminated tempered glass is one of tempered glass. It is one of the most safety glass that holds together when shattered. SGP and PVB toughened laminated glass, which helps create lighter, the SGP and PVB interlayer makes the glass much stronger hence...

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Laminated tempered glass

product description

Laminated tempered glass is one of tempered glass. It is one of the safest glasses when broken. SGP and PVB toughened laminated glass helps to create a lighter, SGP and PVB interlayer that makes the glass stronger, protecting them from storms, shocks and powerful explosions.

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Compared with tempered glass, laminated glass:

1. Safer: When the glass breaks, the laminated glass still does not fall, but the tempered glass will drop. This is why tempered glass is not suitable for high-rise buildings, but laminated glass. I prefer to use tempered glass near the floor.

2. Higher price: The price of laminated glass is much higher than that of tempered glass of the same thickness. Since laminated glass has multiple layers of materials, and additional SGP or PVB films are costly.

3. Laminated glass and tempered glass, widely used in windows, doors, railings, roofs, skylights, partitions, desktops, etc.

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In addition to the double-panel laminated glass, you can also get three layers of laminated glass or four-layer laminated glass from our factory, any custom multi-layer laminated glass.

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