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Low reflection glass 

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Low reflection glass

Energy efficiency and decoration effect are the two key requirements of modern architecture for glass. LOW-E coated glass(Low-E glass) is a kind of glass on which surace several layers of metals (included silver layer)or metallic compounds are sputtered. It has high visible transmission and high reflectance to infrared. Therefore, Low-E glass can supply very good heat insulating performance and meet the requirement of energy saving by preventing overfull solar energy coming into room during summertime and reducing indoor heat loss during wintertime .

Low reflective glass is produced on the principle of CVD technology, in tin bath of float glass production line, under the conditions of stable temperature field, special environment atmosphere and clean glass surface, reaction gas is fully pyrolysed on the glass surface. Continuous even deposit forms poly crystal silicon film, high quality reflective glass with performances of evenness, fastness, excellent optical performance and chemical erode resistant performance. Low reflective glass has appearance of brightness and gentleness. 


Low-e three-glass two-cavity insulating glass, also known as low-e coated glass, is an energy-saving product currently available in low-e coated glass.

Because glass is coated with a metal film, it has a very high transmittance to visible light and a very high reflectance to infrared light, almost filtering sunlight into a cold light source.



high transmission ratio

high reflectance

light adopting

decoration and environment protection


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Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

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Shipped in 7-15 days after payment.

Payment terms:30% T/T in advance and the balance before shipment



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