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What Is The Problem That Laminated Tempered Glass Is Not Clean

Jul 30, 2018

What is the problem that laminated tempered glass is not clean?

The reason why the laminated tempered glass is not clean is that the quality of the glass does not meet the standard.

Whether the quality of laminated tempered glass can meet the standard or not, except for the reasons of glass raw materials, whether the process parameter setting is reasonable or not is the decisive factor. Only by thoroughly understanding their interactions and relationships can we produce high quality laminated tempered glass. All the parameters are designed around "uniform heating and rapid cooling", but they are not isolated. They are an organic whole, which must be considered comprehensively to obtain a perfect process. Temperature-related glass defects and corrective measures:

1, the wave of reinforcement

If the set temperature is too high and the heating time is too long, the glass will have waves. This is because the heating time of the glass has already exceeded the critical point and the glass has begun to soften.

2, pitting

Under the heating time is too long will cause the glass surface pitting, pitting can be divided into two kinds, one kind is intensive, orange peel shaped, which is caused by the heating time is too long, (more than 12 mm thick glass, in particular, some units in order to make it unbreakable and heating time setting is very long,) can be adjusted according to the situation. The other is another star point, which is caused by the surface of the upper plate and the ceramic roller is not clean, or the glass fragments of the windscreen roller table are not clean.