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The Sound Insulation Performance Of Toughened Laminated Glass Is Mainly Determined By Its Structural Characteristics

Jul 30, 2018

The sound insulation performance of toughened laminated glass is mainly determined by its structural characteristics. Similarly, two other types of glass, especially toughened laminated glass structure, are particularly unfavorable for isolating medium and low frequency noises. But each have their own advantages glass, the different structure of composite together can have the effect of foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, usually to improve the performance of glass acoustic method is to increase the thickness of the glass, this kind of practice in the glass itself with low amount of noise is significantly effective, but for the sound insulation performance is very good tempered laminated glass, only by increasing the thickness of the glass is not desirable, but can be tempered laminated glass with hollow or sandwich glass compound, on the one hand, improve the sound insulation performance, on the other hand also can make tempered laminated glass has more advantages. For example, according to the needs of design insulation sound insulation glass, shading sound insulation glass, safety sound insulation glass and other different characteristics of sound insulation glass.

The sound insulation performance of tempered laminated glass is better than that of traditional tempered laminated glass and laminated glass, especially at low and medium frequencies. The sound insulation performance of tempered laminated glass is more prominent.

The advantage that toughened mezzanine glass USES window glass to still reflect in its total thickness is small, occupy a space small, to window glass reform project especially, can be in the premise that does not change section material structure, improve the sound insulation performance of window. The biggest advantage of tempered laminated glass is that it has strong insulation performance under the premise of superior sound insulation performance. This is more laminated glass and insulating glass than dust.