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The Principle And Function Of Fireproof Glass

Jul 30, 2018

The principle and function of fireproof glass

The principle and function of fireproof glass door are as follows:

Fireproof glass door principle: meet high temperature in the future, glass center pass gelatinous form of fireproof glue layer can agile hard knot, form an imperceptible fireproof heat insulation board. In obstructing the spread of the flame together, also obstructing the high temperature to the back fire surface conduction. This kind of fireproof glass not only has the function of fireproof and heat insulation, but also has the outstanding function of sound insulation. It can be processed into an arc.

Function of fireproof glass door

1, superior refractory function: excellent flameproof glass under 1000 ℃ flame shock can still insist on more than 90 minutes don't burst, this is for people with evacuation and relief work for the precious moment.

2. High strength: high quality fireproof glass not only has excellent fireproof function, but also has high strength. For example, under the same glass thickness, the strength of fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of fluorinated glass. It's two to three times of tempered glass.

3. Safety: after breaking, the pieces of high-quality fireproof glass are in the state of obtuse Angle. The pieces of it should be made of tempered glass smaller, which means that even if it is damaged, it will not cause harm to human body.

4. High weatherability: compared with traditional grouting or composite laminated fireproof glass, fireproof glass is not only of high strength, but also of high weatherability. Under the long-term exposure of ultraviolet radiation, it will not break out any changes affecting the appearance and use function, so it can persist in transparency and lighting for a long time.