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The Low Iron Tempered Glass Industry Should Change The Development Concept And Development Way Actively And Timely

Jul 30, 2018

The low iron tempered glass industry should change the development concept and development way actively and timely. We will strengthen the concept of ecological civilization, energy conservation, emission reduction, resource conservation and comprehensive utilization. The transformation of technological progress only relies on the concept of imitation and follow-up to realize the transformation from capital driven to innovation driven; We should establish a win-win, multi-win and win-win business philosophy, advocate "competition and cooperation", and enhance the sense of industrial cooperation. We will strengthen industry self-discipline and jointly solve common problems in the industry.

We will strictly implement the national standards for energy consumption and emissions, and strive to push the industry to meet them

The conditions of low iron tempered glass industry standard (2014) "the opinions of the state council on promoting the enterprise merger and reorganization and a series of documents and low iron tempered glass, low iron tempered glass unit product energy consumption quota", "low iron tempered glass industrial air pollutants emission standards, and the federation of the" second generation float innovation standard "formulated and promulgated, for the glass industry transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction policy guidance is proposed. All enterprises in the glass industry should conscientiously and strictly implement relevant laws, regulations and industrial policies of the state, consciously accept supervision, and fulfill their industrial and social responsibilities.