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Single Pyrolysis Low E Glass Can Be Divided Into Online And Offline Types.

Jul 30, 2018

Single pyrolysis low e glass can be divided into online and offline types. Generally speaking, the quality of online single pyrolysis low-e glass is relatively stable, which is not as easy to oxidize and fail as offline. The disadvantage of long life is that the thermal insulation effect is not as good as offline. The off-line loow-e has good thermal insulation effect and must be double-layered. After production, it needs to be double-layered immediately. If the process is not in place, the coating is easy to oxidize, resulting in decreased transparency. Both online and offline have their advantages and disadvantages.

High quality single pyrolysis low e glass can have a service life of more than 5 years, but it is still too short compared with the service life of a building for decades. In particular, offline single pyrolysis low e glass is easy to oxidize and afraid of oxidation, because no matter changing glass or glass frame, it will bring great trouble to the daily use of buildings. It is reported that there is a new technology in the United States, which can extend the service life of single pyrolysis low e glass by injecting chemical agent into each glass through a small hole. The technology is complex and the cost is high. In any case, however, the replacement and maintenance of low-e is significantly less simple than that of film and coating.

That is to say, keep indoor heat energy in winter, make its hard to send out outward, and summer will send out a lot of heat radiation of outdoor high temperature to reflect back, make its hard to enter indoor, accomplish "winter warm summer cool".