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Select The Details Of Toughened Glass

Jul 30, 2018

Select the details of toughened glass

Toughened glass with high toughness, bending resistance and safety performance is more and more common in home decoration. But as a glass product, tempered glass can have a lot of attention.

Below introduce the detail that toughened glass USES to need vigilance for everybody.

1. Pay attention to protecting the corner of tempered glass. If there is damage at the corner of tempered glass, the risk of glass self-blasting will increase exponentially. Because all the stress points of toughened glass are concentrated in the corners, the protection of the corners is particularly important. When the tempered glass with damaged edges cannot be treated, caution must be taken.

2. To avoid putting tempered glass under pressure for a long time in order to be beautiful indoors, many families will choose tempered glass as the table and tea table on the table. Generally, tempered glass is under pressure between 70mpa and 100mpa. If it is not necessary, do not place heavy objects on the toughened glass table for a long time to avoid breaking of toughened glass when the pressure value reaches the critical point.

3. Avoid uneven heating and cooling. If a glass is applied with high and low temperature at both ends of the glass in extreme conditions, 90% of the glass will explode itself. Although this situation may be small for toughened glass, it is not afraid of ten thousand.