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In Addition To The Quality Of Toughened Safety Glass

Jul 30, 2018

In addition to the quality of toughened safety glass, whether the installation and use of strict is also an important factor for safety.

1. For customized doors and Windows, the cutting of toughened safety glass door and toughened safety glass door will be troublesome to rework if they do not meet the installation dimensions, so it is necessary to make accurate measurement at the beginning. The measurement of toughened safety glass mainly includes two aspects: width and height of glass plate. When measuring the width of glass plate, measure at the bottom, middle and top respectively, and select the minimum size as the cutting width. If the data from the top, middle and bottom are consistent, reduce the measured size by 3-5mm as the cutting width of the glass. Similarly, the height of the glass plate should include the installation part that is inserted into the upper and lower transverse gears, so the cutting is generally smaller than 3-5mm of the measured data.

2. Treatment and installation of toughened safety glass

After the glass plate is cut according to the size, it is usually necessary to chamfer the four corners. Then is fixed base, aluminum alloy doors and Windows are fixed with aluminum frame, fixed with aluminum Angle on the frame. With the glass sucker first glass plate west, glass in place. Insert the upper part of the glass plate into the limit slot in the door frame, and then place the lower part of the glass plate in the butt seam of the bottom bracket.