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Energy Conservation And Emission Reduction Proposals For The Plate Glass Industry Were Issued

Jul 30, 2018

Energy conservation and emission reduction proposals for the plate glass industry were issued

Recently, the China building glass and industrial glass association issued a proposal for the industry to comprehensively promote energy conservation and emission reduction. The proposal is as follows:

Promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in the plate glass industry is an inevitable choice for building resource-saving and environment-friendly industries, an important part of implementing the development strategy of "innovation, upgrading and surpassing leading", and an important grasp for realizing transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment.

Although the plate glass industry is faced with serious problems and challenges, such as overcapacity, difficulties in enterprise operation, continuous decline in the operation quality of the industry, slow progress in structural adjustment, and soaring pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction, it is the driving force behind these challenges that has become a powerful driving force for the transformation and development of the industry.

To cope with the challenges, the promotion of flat glass industry change the mode of thinking and way of development, in the "energy conservation and emissions reduction standard propulsion conference", released "declaration of the flat glass industry energy conservation and emissions reduction action, is asking the country to all my colleagues in the glass industry, in order to business interests, in order to industry in the future, for the sake of social responsibility, mutual action, and unremitting efforts, in order to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction target to achieve ecological civilization and clean production and make our due contribution.

First, change the concept of development

The extensive and simple pursuit of scale is not sustainable and deviates from the requirement of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. We should grasp the law and trend of the development of the industry, seriously reflect on the development mode of the industry and the development mode of enterprises, and extensively innovate and practice the healthy and sustainable development path of the industry.