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A Lot Of Building Project And Household Adornment Used Hot Steel Glass Now,

Jul 30, 2018

A lot of building project and household adornment used hot steel glass now, become a charming scenery. However, it must be admitted that how to deal with the scratches of hot tempered glass is a slightly difficult problem. Next, I will tell you about the treatment and operation of hot tempered glass scratches. Let's learn about it.

Repair principle

First grind, then polish. Specific explanation is: for serious scratch, with larger granularity (35 mu) grinding slice grinding, grinding scratches off first, and then use the fine grinding sheet (20 mu, 10 mu, mu 5) in order to carry on the fine grinding, and then use the pure wool pads in polishing and polishing paste, threw the repair area light, after the end of glass scratch repair. Partial and small-scale repair can save cost and time, but the repair effect is not good. Expanding the repair area will give a good repair effect, but will increase the repair cost and time. Please choose the appropriate repair method according to the actual ideal target.

Precautions before repair:

1. During the scratch repair process, continuous friction between the abrasive disc, the polishing disc and the glass will keep the glass warm, so pay close attention to the temperature of the glass in the repair area. If it overheats, it may cause the glass to burst. The simple way to determine this is: always use your hands to feel the temperature of the glass in the repair area. Some of the temperature is within the normal range.