Toughened Laminated Glass

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Toughened laminated glass

Product Description

Toughened laminated glass is a special laminated glass product which is made from tempered glass as the substrate and then glued. It not only has the characteristics of high strength of tempered glass, but also inherits the excellent safety performance of laminated glass without falling pieces. Tempered laminated glass is suitable for installation in place, with special safety requirements such as high-rise building protective window, glass curtain wall, glass daylighting roof, etc..


The features of Toughened Laminated Glass

1)Extremely high safety: The PVB interlayer withstands penetration from impact. Even if the glass cracks, splinters will adhere to the interlayer and not scatter. In comparison with other kinds of glass, laminated glass has much higher strength to resist shock, burglary, burst and bullets

2)Energy-saving building materials: PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces cooling loads.

3)Create aesthetic sense to buildings: Laminated glass with a tinted interlayer will beautify the buildings and harmonize their appearances with surrounding views which meet the demand of architects.

4)Sound control: PVB interlayer is an effective absorber of sound.

5)Ultraviolet screening: The interlayer filters out ultraviolet rays and prevents the furniture and curtains from fading effect


Packaging Details

Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

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Shipped in 7-15 days after payment.




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