Heat Strengthened Laminated Glass

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Heat strengthened laminated glass

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Heat strengthened laminated glass made in China factory:

Laminated glass is made of two or more than two pieces of glass which one layer or multi-layers of PVB / SGP with strong cohesion is sandwiched under high temperature and pressure between them. The appearance and installation method of laminated glass sandwiched with transparent film are the same with normal glass, but much more durable.




Compared with ordinary flat glass, heat absorbing glass has the following characteristics:

1. Absorb heat from the sun:For example, the total transmission heat of transparent float glass with thickness of 6mm is 84% in the sun, while the total transmission heat of absorbing glass under the same condition is 60%.The color and thickness of heat absorbing glass differ, so does the degree of absorption of heat from the sun.

2. Absorb solar visible lightReduce the intensity of sunlight and act as a counter - dazzle.

3. Certain transparency It can absorb certain ultraviolet rays.

As a result of the characteristics, heat absorbing glass has been widely used in building doors and Windows, external walls and as car and ship windshield, so as to heat insulation, anti-glare, lighting and decoration.Absorbing some of the sun's visible light softens the harsh sun's glare.The visible light transmittance and direct sunlight transmittance required by China for 5mm different color heat-absorbing glass are shown in the following table.

Color visible light transmittance /% sunlight direct transmittance /%:

Dark brown   ≥45 ≤60

Gray ≥30 ≤60 

Blue ≥50 ≤70


Application of laminated 

1. Windows, doors,

2. partition wall

3. Glass stairs, balustrades,

4. Automotive windshield,

5. Facades and curtain walls

6. Skylights and canopies,

7.Lamianted glass of bulletproof glass for bank counter.




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