Curved Laminated Glass

Product Details

Curved laminated glass

Product Details

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China(Mainland)

Brand Name

Huancai Glass

Product name

curved laminated glass


Tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, reflective glass, bullet-proof glass, sound-proof glass.


Round, Square, Curved, Oval  etc.




3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm


Clear, Ultra clear, Blue, Green, etc.

Raw Material

Qualified float glass


The size can be customized according to your size

Deep procession

Cutting, Edgeworks, Corner  etc.


Home appliance, Furniture building, Door, Window and etc.

Product Description

Tempered curved laminated glass is a kind of laminated glass. Laminated glass can make the shape of curved and float . curved laminated glass mostly use for railing glass , window, elevator, and etc. it can not cut, drill and grind edge after shape up, otherwise it will cause the cracking.




Safety: Tenacity of PVB / SGP is fairly good. It can quickly absorb and weaken a mass of striking energy when laminated glass is attacked by outside force. Therefore, laminated glass is hard to be penetrated and can remain integrally in the frame even when it is broken. Therefore, laminated glass is the true safety glass. 

Sound Insulation: PVB / SGP can effectively prevent sound wave. Sound wave can be obviously weakened when it goes through laminated glass so that noise disturbance in office or living environment is reduced. 

Anti-UV: Laminated glass can effectively prevent UV (as high as more than 99% of UV) which can protect the valuable furninature, exibit and artwork etc. from discoloring from UV. 

Security: Because it is not possible to cut laminated glass by glass cutter and it is time costing and loud sound would be caused to penetrate laminated glass by other instruments, it is rather difficult to enter the house by cutting or breaking laminated glass and it is easy to be discovered. Therefore, laminated glass has strong resistance function to evil destruction, robbery and violence. 

Anti-bullet and Anti-explosion: Multi-layer laminated glass can be made into various products of anti-bullet, anti-bombing and anti-explosion. 

Hurricane and earthquake resistance: Laminated glass's high persistent and strong cohesion enable the fragments remain in place, thus it is suitable for hurricance and earthquake zone. 

Packaging Details

Packing in Wooden Crates with Paper Between Sheet.

Delivery Time

Shipped in 7-15 days after payment.


Company Description

●Guangzhou Huan Cai Class CO., Ltd. specializes in producing glass products of door and window ,curtain wall within the building, decorative and residential uses. toughened(tempered)glass, laminated glass, insulted glass, fire-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass, acid etched glass, tinted glass, mirror, reflective glass, decorative glass low-e glass, energy saving coated glass, art glass and etc.

●Guangzhou Huan Cai Class CO., Ltd. engaged in deep processing of glass. At present, our factory has more advanced production technology and professional technical team in China, which can satisfy customers' needs to the greatest extent.

●We believe that the competitiveness comes from the high quality and best service. Our experienced and professional sales team will surely offer the essential support and pre- and after- sales service to our customers, we ensure that all customer requirements are met promptly and efficiently.





1.How to get a quotation?

We need some time for calculation. As a result, we can't provide any price reference via phone. Information required for quotation differs among the different types of items.

The major as follow: 

a. Which process and product type? 

b. Material and Size. 

c. Logo color. 

d. Order quantity. 

2.How can I get samples to check your quantity?

We can offer samples for free.

3.Can you do the production as customized?

Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.

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