Thermotech Insulating Glass Unit

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Thermotech insulating glass unit

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In recent years, the outer glass of double insulating glass is widely used by vacuum sputter coated

glass, which is sun control and low-E glass commonly used in indoor applications to control energy

consump-tion toparticular target levels.

using a variety of different specifications of high-quality original glass, such as different thicknesses

and sizes, colorless transparent glass and tempered, laminated, silk, embossed, colored, heat-reflective 

coated glass, Low-E coated glass and many other varieties. Can also be made into flat or cambered insulated glass.




mainly used for the buildings which require heating, air conditioning, thermal insulation, sound insulation,

anti-condensation and other common functions.

Widely used in residential, hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries, offices, computer rooms, shopping malls,

vehicles, boats and other transport equipment.



Good optical properties: A range of optical properties are offered such as different visible light transmittance levels,

solar reflectance, absorption rates, and color can customized to meet architectural and performance requirements.

Heat insulation, reducing energy consumption: heat conductivity coefficient of the dry gas inside the insulated glass

is low. Therefore, the insulated glass has a good insulation effect which can reduce energy consumption effectively.

Anti-condensation: Since the dry gas layer between the glass layers has good insulating value under normal 

circumstances, condensation is minimized and prevented.

Perfect sound-proofing performance: Noise levels are reduced to 30 to 40 decibels. 

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Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

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Shipped in 7-15  days after payment.




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