New Insulating Glass Unit

new insulating glass unit Product Description new insulating glass unit Insulated glass is also called Hollow glass and Double glass that is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass and use sealant gumming and...

Product Details

New insulating glass unit

Product Description

China new insulating glass unit factory:

 Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.


What advantage of insulating glass use for aluminium alloy door and window  ?

Waterproof: it keep the home comfortable and dry.

There is desiccant to absorb moisture between double layers of glass, which ensures that the air layer in the insulating glass is dry for a long time. In addition, double layers of glass can prevent moisture from entering the room and make the house comfortable and dry.

Sound insulation: it can give  small home  have a quiet world.

The insulating layer filled with inert gas in the middle of insulating glass can effectively isolate about 40 decibels of noise, reducing the interference of noise pollution on sleep.

Heat insulation: "natural" air conditioning for warm winter and cool summer

Double layer space glass, summer will heat cut off in the outdoor winter to cut off indoor heat, prevent outdoor cold air inside, have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, can play reduce the use of air conditioning, achieve the purpose of saving electricity.



1)Office buildings, hospitals, hotels, houses and buildings with heating or 

cooling requirements.

2)For use in airport control towers, train windows and other environments 

that need regulated Airports and buildings near highways and railways, 

that require sound insulation properties


Packaging Details

Plywood crates, paper or plastic sheet between glass sheet.

Delivery Time

In a week or two




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