Insulating Glass Unit

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Insulating glass unit

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Insulated glass also called Hollow glass, is made by using two or more panes of glass, separated by an aluminum frame which is filled with desiccants and sealed around all four edges by cement, soldering or welding and lastly filled with dry air or other gases. Production methods of insulated glass include: cementation method, welding and burning-on method noting cementation as the most common production method.

Because of the low heat conductivity of the enclosed dry air between the glass panes, heat transmission through the window is drastically reduced.



The insulating glass unit can be used for tempered, Laminated, reflective, low-E, tinted or clear glass and etc. 


Packaging Details

Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

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Shipped in 7-15 days after payment.



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