Dual Pane Glass

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Dual pane glass insulated glass

Product Description

dual pane glass Insulated Low-e Glass Energy-saving glass is low emissivity glass. The Low-e coating is applied on a substrate of clear loat glass by a pyrolytic process called online CVD (chemical vapor deposition) method.

In winter, the aim of the coating will reflect the heat back to inside of the building to prevent heat and keep the indoor climate at an even temperature.

In summer, the coating will reduce the amount of re-radiated heat into the building thereby keeping indoor cooler . Total heat gain is reduced.

dual pane glass  insulated Glass Features

1.) Heat isolation and warmth preservation 

2.) Distinct energy saving effect

3.) Decreasing air-conditioning and heating costs

4.) Good soundproofing performance makes room comfortable

5.) Good anti-frosting and dew-formation properties



Packaging Details

Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

Delivery Time

Shipped in 7-15 days after payment.

payment terms:30% T/T in advance and the balance before shipment

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