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How to keep good semi - tempered glass flatness

Jul 30, 2018

How to keep good semi - tempered glass flatness

Market requirements for semi - tempered glass quality (flatness)

At present, the demand for the flatness of semi-tempered glass is getting higher and higher in the market. The final inspection effect is that glass (single piece or tempered hollow glass) is installed on the building. Of course, as a result of the change of ambient temperature or altitude, the inside and outside pressure difference causes the glass to bulge or sink, and there will also be obvious distortion and deformation. If the ambient temperature and altitude of hollow glass production are consistent with the conditions of field installation and use, and the installation is good, the hollow or installation factors will not greatly affect the deformation of the glass. In this paper, we only discuss the influence of steel flatness on the above deformation phenomenon.

Current measure half the flatness of toughened glass has two main technical indicators: bow and waveform, national standards are defined, degree of waveform is divided into central waveform and waveform of edge degrees (warp), can be done at present advanced glass tempering furnace batch production process, 6 mm transparent toughened glass bow degrees or less 1 ‰, central waveform 0.05/300 mm or less, edge wave degrees 0.10/300 mm or less, is much better than the national standard. But in some cases, when you look at glass imaging from a distance, you can still see distortion in the reflection image of the side of the glass.