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How to choose fireproof glass correctly

Jul 30, 2018

How to choose fireproof glass correctly?

Since the mass production of single piece of fireproof glass in China, fireproof glass has been widely used, but several points must be noted when selecting:

1. Before choosing fireproof glass, want to clear the fire protection specific requirement of fireproof component that makes up by fireproof glass first, it is fireproof, fire proof or smoke proof, fireproof limit requirement.

2. The fire resistance limit of fireproof glass is closely related to the size of the plate. The fire resistance limit of fireproof glass is according to the standard of building safety glass fireproof glass (gb15763.1-2001). The minimum size of test sample is 1100 x 600mm. Fireproof glass is a kind of rigid brittle material, and its fire resistance depends largely on the size of glass. The larger the size, the lower the fire resistance.

3. Fireproof glass cannot be cut with a glass knife like ordinary plate glass.

4. When fireproof glass is selected to form fireproof components, its supporting structure and elements must meet the needs of fire resistance besides considering the fireproof durability of the glass.