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Heat resistant glass

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Heat resistant glass mainly are divided into five types: the sandwich composite fire glass, the wired flameproof glass, special fire glass, hollow flameproof glass, and high strength single cesium potassium flameproof glass.

Fire-proof glass is a new functional materials which used in construction, with good light- transmission and fire retardant properties. In the appearance they are the same with float glass, but they used the physical method and special techniques processing the float glass to get it. With high-heat resistance, light specific gravity, high transparency, no yellow, no bubbles and other unique characteristics. It can hold not burst within 1000degrees celsuis flames 84-183minute, and thus effectively to prevent flame and smoke spread. It also have good processability and can be processed laminated glass, hollow glass, coated glass, dot-type curtain wall glass.



The Features and functions of Heat resistant glass

2.1 composite fireproof glass (dry method) is composed of two or more pane of original glass and single pane glassFireproof principle: when the fire broke out, this glass in high temperature after soon burst, the fireproof glue laminated foam expansion around ten times in succession, form hard milk white bubble fire plastic sheet, effectively block flame, isolated from high temperature and harmful gas. Into springtime delights to cutting edge grinding, punching, change ruler. Suitable for outside the window, outside the curtain wall, design should consider the flameproof glass and PVB laminated glass combination to use.Scope of application: fireproof doors and Windows of building rooms, corridors and passageways, fire partition and fire partition wall of important parts.

2.2 Monolithic flameproof glass is a kind of single glass structure fireproof glass. In a certain period of time to keep fire integrity on the surface of the block to meet the fire flame and poisonous and harmful gas, but don't insulating the adiabatic effect. Suitable for outside wall, outside window, daylighting top, frameless door, fire smoke hanging wall glass, and the partition wall without insulation requirements.



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