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Bullet proof glass Production Description Bullet proof glass belongs to the laminated glass. Laminated glass is a king of “hamburger” structured safety glass that firstly laminated with PVB film between two glass sheets or among multiple glass sheets by the special equipment, then preheated and...

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Bullet proof glass

Production Description

Bulletproof glass is a glass of light transition,  at the same time, also have protective function for the bullet shot glass . The bulletproof principle of bulletproof glass is that it will be the impact of the warhead kinetic energy is converted into glass fragments of the elastic potential energy. Bulletproof glass is actually made up of transparent glueing materials will be more piece of glass or high strength organic plate made by bonding together. Generally there are three layers of structure:

1.1 load-bearing layer: this layer is first subject to impact and rupture. Generally, it USES glass with large thickness and high strength, which can damage or change the shape of the warhead, so that it loses its ability to move forward.

1.2 transition layer: generally uses organic glue materials, stick relay is strong, good light fastness, can absorb some of the impact, the change of the direction of the warhead. In laminated glass clamp a very solid and transparent layer of chemical film. This not only can effectively prevent the bullet shoot, but also has anti surge shock, antiknock, seismic performance and also don't appear crack after impact.

1.3 safety protective layer: this layer is made of high strength glass or high strength transparent organic material, which has good elasticity and toughness, can absorb most impact energy and ensure that the warhead cannot pass through this layer




1.Security: Compared with the common glass sheet, laminated glass is stronger and can 

withstand more impact. Even laminated glass is broken; the fragments will keep sticking on the 

interlayer and won't scatter. 

2. Energy saving: Laminated glass is a good material at heat in insulting, which can reduce 

energy consumption. 

3. Sound insulating: With a good damping function for sound wave, laminated glass is a 

favorable sound insulating material. 

4. U.V. Filtering: The interlayer can filter out ultraviolet rays, so that can prevent the indoor or 

objects such as furniture from fading.

5. Aesthetic feeling: Increasing the aesthetic effects, especially the exterior beauty of building.

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