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ballistic glass Quick Details Product Description ballistic glass Bullet proof glass belongs to the laminated glass .Laminated glass is a kind of "hamburger" structured safety glass that firstly laminated with PVBfilm between two glass sheets or among multiple glass sheets by the...

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ballistic glass

Product Description

Bulletproof glass is a kind of laminated glass, which is made of laminated glass and film. The total thickness is generally above 20mm, and the total thickness of bulletproof glass with higher requirements can reach above 50mm. It is based on the laminated glass, which is made into bulletproof glass with features of bulletproof and anti-riot through the improvement of technology and structure.


According to the total thickness of bulletproof glass and the thickness of interlayer film, it can effectively resist the shooting of guns. As the special function of bulletproof glass is widely used in security places, cars, planes, Banks, jewelry stores and other important places, it is a kind of high-grade safety glass.



Professional bulletproof: high mechanical strength, can effectively prevent high speed flying objects, and is not easy to be hit by warhead.

Strong security: excellent strength and toughness, and strong defense against malicious destruction and violent invasion.

Good adhesion: when the impact is strong, the glass fragments are stuck to the organic film, not easy to splash and hurt.

Uv protection: it can effectively block the damage caused by uv rays to human body and the effect of leg color on indoor articles.

Sound insulation: it can block the transmission and interference of various noises and reduce the influence of external temperature.


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