Wired Glass

wired glass Product Description Wired glass is also called broken glass. It is made by pressing preheated wire or wire mesh into the glass when ordinary plate glass is heated to a state of red-hot softening. Its features are superior fire resistance , can block the flame, high temperature...

Product Details

wired glass

Product Description

Wired glass is also called anti-broken glass and steel glass.The rolling process is a special kind of glass formed by pressing the wire mesh into the semi-liquid glass belt.


Even if the wired glass is broken, threads or nets can hold the debris, making it difficult to fall and break.

Even when the flame is broken through, it can block the invasion of the flame and fire powder, and prevent spreading and burning from the opening.

Fire doors are regulated under article 64th of the Japanese building standards act.

The opening of the outer wall must prevent the flame from spreading and burning.

The use of wire glass and the frame of the b fire door can be used as the b fire materials


Wired glass prevents debris from flying away.

Even when the external pressure, such as earthquake, storm and impact, makes glass broken, it is difficult for debris to disperse, so it is not easy to cause debris to disperse and injure people compared with ordinary glass.


Common glass is easily broken, so thieves can sneak in for illegal activity, while wired glass does not.Even if the glass is broken, a wire mesh is still in place, so thieves can't steal easily.This kind of guard against theft of filamentary glass, brought safety sense to people mentally.


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Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

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Shipped in 7-15 days after payment.




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