Impact Safety Glass

impact safety glass Product Description Curved tempered glass is a type of glass with evenly distributed compressive stresses on the surface which is made by heating float glass to nearly softening point and then cooling it down rapidly by air.During the instant cooling process, the glass...

Product Details

Impact safety glass

Product Description

Impact safety glass is actually treated with high temperature to change its molecular structure, so that in case of breakage, its fragments are small round grains without sharp shards.

General shower room are in the market now claims to be toughened glass, the subtle differences in the extent of the toughened, good full toughened glass that is, almost constitute less than one hundred percent of steel, the market more than 8 mm basically cannot reach 100% of toughened glass, so not to say that this kind of toughened glass will not be broken, but it's broken probability is very low, even after broken fragments are rounded, not easy to cause harm to human body.



Packaging Details

Wooden crate intereaving with paper. wooden trunk specialized for export.

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Shipped in 7-15  days after payment.





1. How to get a quotation?

We need some time for calculation. As a result, we can't provide any price reference via phone. Information required for quotation differs among the different types of items.

The major as follow: 

a. Which process and product type? 

b. Material and Size. 

c. Logo color. 

d. Order quantity. 

2.How can I get samples to check your quantity?

We can offer samples for free.

3.Can you do the production as customized?

Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.

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