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The description of glazing building from Huancai glass factory:

Glazing Building Glass partition is called again tall partition wall, tall partition, tall partition, partition, finished product partition, aluminium alloy partition, tall screen, glass partition, office partition, office glass, office partition.Some even call it a screen.These names are all due to the differences between the north and the south, the regional differences are different, and the high compartment is called in the south of China.Glass partition is a kind to the top, can completely divide the space partition.Professional high partition, not only can achieve the function of traditional space separation, but also in the lighting, sound insulation, fire, environmental protection, easy to install, good glass partition reusable, mass production and other features of the traditional partition.The application of glass partition is more and more extensive, and theme and form are more various, close to reality, break through former situation, involve society and people's life each aesthetic respect.


3mm,4mm,8mm, 10mm,12mm,19mm tempered glass ton glass laminated glass insulated glass in glazing building for window, door, exhibition center, school ,shopping mall, hospital, office building and etc.


Insulated glass also called Hollow glass, is made by using two or more panes of glass, separated by an aluminum frame

which is filled with desiccants and sealed around all four edges by cement, soldering or welding and lastly filled with dry air or other gases.

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