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Engineering glass Product Description Engineering glass is used for construction building applications. it can be round , square, curved, oval etc. Usually engineering glass are tempered glass, laminated glass, insulted glass, low e glass, fireproof glass, bulletproof glass, decoration glass and...

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China Gold Manufacturer Engineering glass Curtain Wall

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Engineering glass is the glass that be used in engineering technology.

Glass is a kind of amorphous non-crystal with no regular structure. Its molecules do not have long - range ordered arrangement in space like crystals, but have short - range ordered arrangement similar to liquid.Glass, as a solid, has a fixed shape, unlike liquid.

Glass is mainly divided into flat glass and deep - processed glass.


The features of Engineering glass:




Widely useful in the construction area.


The glass curtain wall is a new type of wall in modern times, which organically unifies the elements of architectural aesthetics, architectural function, building energy conservation and architectural structure, and presents the dynamic beauty to make the city more beautiful.At present, the world's major cities on all continents have built magnificent and gorgeous glass facade buildings, such as New York world trade center, Chicago oil tower, sears tower and so on.


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