Architectural Surface Glass

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Architectural surface glass

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Architectural surface glass is the building materials that we are most familiar with, but it does not mean that we have know them deeply. In fact, there are many kind of glass , but few people can tell what the glass classification of building. we will introduce the classification of building glass.

Plate glass is also divided into many kinds, the most common is the building Windows with glass, it is often used to make glass doors and Windows, generally speaking, their surface is relatively smooth, and has a strong light transmission performance;In addition, sheet glass also has the pervious to light sex that passes through special treatment and surface are rougher glass, they can be used as the special glass door window of the special privacy place such as bathroom, toilet.There is also a type of flat glass that adds colored material to the surface of the glass to create colorful glass, which is often used for decoration.


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Produce and Export tempered glass, laminated glass, Insulated glass unit;
Produce and export digital printed tempered glass and ceramic frit glass
Produce and Export Aluminum mirror, Silver mirror;
Export ultra clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective float glass;
Especially good at 12mm, 15mm, 19mm thick tempered glass, huge size safety glass
Especially good at the curved tempered glass and curved laminated glass