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Textured glass

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Low Price Textured glass factory

1.We can make 26 different textures such as Granite, ripple, flemish,  Noogie, Herringbone, 

2.catspaw, Flemish ripple, etc. 

3.Our hand-made stained glass has become a main resource for most Tiffany lampshades,

4.stained glass crafts, inner décor and building material owing to its wide range of colors and textures and easy cutting. 

5.Available in single or multi color and smooth or textured surfaces

6.Applicable in Tiffany lampshades, domes, windows, doors, mosaic and crafts

7.We also sell hobby glass of assorted colors in a box for supply to the hobby market.

8.Small samples of patterned colored glass in 5cm*10cm are available.



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